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Kimberly Solomon: Motherhood and Ministry

By: Kimberly Solomon

The ministry of being a wife is the most important thing to me. Yes, it’s a ministry.  God brought my husband and I together to accomplish Kingdom business that neither one of us could do on our own.  I thank God for such a loving and powerful man of God!  He was prepared for me before the beginning of time.  Separately we have different gifts and talents but when they are combined, they are unstoppable through the Holy Spirit.

As a mother, God tells us that we should act in such a manner that our children turn around and call us blessed.  I’m reminded of Proverbs 31:10-31.  Everyone likes that passage of the bible and likes to quote it, when they refer to themselves.  I challenge women to break down that passage and honestly see how we measure up.  Here are just a few examples.

#1 – She was a woman of noble character (verse 10).  Noble means possessing very high, excellent and outstanding qualities (

#2 – She sacrifices and provides (verse 15).  She gets up while it is still night and provides for her family. Being a noble wife will cause you to undoubtedly be a noble mother as well.  They go hand-in-hand.

#3 – She has real estate knowledge and financial wisdom (verse 16).  She picks a field and buys it and then plants a vineyard with her own money.  That Proverbs woman has her own money, it doesn’t tell us how, it tells us that she uses her gifts and talents to bring her own money to the table.  To be an asset and not a burden.  I encourage women to have multiple streams of income.

#4 – She is a mother of children that see her worth.  (verse 28).  That tells us that her children arise and call her blessed.  Rising when someone enters shows a sign of respect just as it does in the military.  It also tells us that her husband not only calls her blessed but praises her! What an awesome testimony!



My husband Minister Keith Solomon is a powerful prayer warrior.  He has been ministering/praying as an intercessor for years.  He has been called to bring men together from all over the world, to discuss their issues and deal with life’s challenges as men.  Their challenges are different from ours.  I believe we were both called into ministry before the beginning of time.  God took woman from mans rib and I was taken from his rib.  Then in Gods infinite wisdom, he set us both out on different courses of life.  When destiny collided with purpose in 2012, he “found” me and we have been together ever since.  Keith was licensed officially as a minister in Florida in 2014.

As I mentioned previously, ministry doesn’t stop.  Being a mother and being involved in ministry goes together.  Ministry does not stop just because you get home.  There definitely has to be a priority of God, Family (Husband, then children) and Ministry (People).  I want our children to see us involved in ministry, so we set the example.  We also use every opportunity for them to be involved in ministry in their own lives as well.

I believe in speaking life and the words that we speak have power.  The Ups are seeing Gods vision manifested on earth and seeing lives changed.  Seeing people have a real experience with Jesus Christ and knowing that a life transformation has taken place.

My ministry has caused me to take a more in-depth look at how I raise my daughters and what valuable lessons they need to be taught.  There are so many young ladies and women that I counsel that don’t know basic principles.  The challenge with being a mother and being involved in ministry causes me to wear multiple hats and balance each task successfully. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I want to stress to each woman who no matter what place in life you are currently in, there is a plan for your life.  When I was a single mother for 10 years, I didn’t know how God was going to turn it around.  I knew that He had a plan and purpose for my life but I didn’t know how He was going to move me from point A to point B.  God orchestrated my steps.  I continued to work for the Kingdom and seek God, even before I was found by my husband.  We can’t get so desperate that we try to make it happen on our own.  Gods plan is for us to marry our future, not our present.  The man who you presently see if not what He has prepared for you. In Jeremiah 29, God tells us that He knows the plans He has for us.  We don’t know all that He has for us to be in the future, but if we trust Him, He will lead us and guide us in all truth.


My husband “found me” at an Intercessory Prayer meeting at church.  I thought that was where we first met but he later told me that he saw me walk into church one Sunday morning and couldn’t take his eyes off of me.  We never met that day.  When the season was right, God allowed us to meet at the meeting and exchange words.  We didn’t jump into dating, or rush anything.  We were friends for months before even entertaining the thought of dating.  Everything moved in its time and season. Ladies have to be careful not to rush or steal the thunder from a man.  Even if God reveals to the woman that He is the one, God will have already revealed it to the man.  It’s not half the deal!  God will not reveal to one and not the other.  If by chance God does reveal it to the woman as well, it’s for confirmation and for her to keep to herself.  So many times we abort our blessing by talking too soon.  Know the season.  Ask for discernment and revelation and God will answer.

Hold on to the promise of the Lord!  To the married mother in ministry, support your husband and be his biggest fan! To the single mother in ministry, do the right thing for your children.  Don’t compromise or settle for less than what God has for you.  Don’t be ashamed of your past.  God is faithful and just to forgive us!  Walk out your purpose!  Greatness has already been placed inside of you and I look forward to the manifestation of the revelation inside of you.  You must comprehend all that God has placed in you and you will see the manifestation come out of you!  God shows favor not favoritism!

 Kimberly Solomon is the Founder of My Sisters Keeper, an organization with the mission to facilitate women, young adults and girls in the process of finding out their identity and true worth in the Kingdom of God.  Advancing the Kingdom agenda through eyes, ears, mouth and the hands of Godly women.  For many years (since 1992), she has been a liturgical praise dancer/choreographer and had no idea that she would be where she is today.  God is faithful!


She is married to Minister Keith Solomon, Founder of My Brothers Keeper and they have five children.  She is also in the US Air Force and is an active Mayvenn Hair Distributor. (email/prayer requests)

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