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Local organization has ‘Mind Body Wealth’ seminar

On Saturday May 2, the Polk County chapter of National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. (NCBW 100) had their annual seminar Mind Body and Wealth.

The event was free to attend and featured health screenings and several vendors were also on site.

Dana Moore, President of the Polk County chapter spoke about the 15th annual event.

“We do an event every year it’s called Mind Body and Wealth.  It’s our 15th annual.  Initially it was just for women.  We’ve expanded and now it’s for men.  So we do it for men, women and children,” said President Moore.

The local organization’s affair had an impressive list of speakers including Dr. Fairest Hill from Youth on the Move and the new Palm Beach State College president who also serves as CEO of Florida Polytechnic University Ava Parker.

“We invite panelist out to speak and they speak on those three different topics; mind body and wealth. Ava Parker spoke about leadership and Polytechnic. We had a member from the NAACP on the panel and she just really spoke to the community about savings and about wealth,” she added.

We had a couple of mental health counselor’s.  They discussed how mental health is a stigma and how we should overcome and discuss it. — President Dana Moore, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.

Dr. Fairest Hill spoke to the endearing crowd of seminar attendees.

“If you live your life selfish and self centered and never to make a difference you will die and no one will ever know that you were here,” said Hill.

Dr. Fairest Hill speaks to attendees.

Dr. Fairest Hill speaks to attendees.

National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. Polk County Chapter mission to advocate on behalf of women of color through national and local actions and strategic alliances that promote NC100BW national and international agenda on leadership development and gender equity in health, education and economic development.

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