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Tampa teen’s get ready for ‘Teen Gospel Night’

Local teens and parents looking for something upbeat and fun to do in the Bay area can attend  Teen Gospel Night.

Founded by Youth Leader and Christian Rapper Michael Donaldson, 21, the annual event provides a stage for teens to be entertained and show off their talents

“It started off as a fundraiser for our youth.   However, quickly changed into a platform for the youth to showcase their gifts and be ministered to through rap, dance, mime, and song,” said Donaldson.

The event is taking place at Heaven Destiny Outreach Assemblies of God Church where Tom Jones serves as Pastor and is credited for the teen affair.

“Without Pastor Jones there wouldn’t be a teen night,” said the youth leader.

Even though the event is happening at a church, Donaldson said attendees can look forward to a great time.

“You can expect a fun three hours of enjoying the kingdom of God. We have fun and you will not be bored,” the Christian Rapper added.

Michael Donaldson, a.k.a Christmade

Michael Donaldson, a.k.a Christmade

Presented by All For Christ (AFC), Teen Gospel Night performances include rappers Yung Prince, Christmade, G-Rane, Eliseo and dance group C4L just to name a few.

I started the event to bring hope to the youth showing them we can have fun in the kingdom of God. — Michael Donaldson

Teen Gospel Night is free to attend and takes place at 4104 East Ellicott, Tampa FL 33610 on Saturday, May 23 at 7 p.m.











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