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Tampa Bay readies for 3rd Annual ‘Derby Delight’

Tampa is getting excited about the 3rd Annual Derby Delight.  This highly anticipated event is quickly  becoming a Bay area favorite.

Keisha Boyd, CEO of Pickett Public Relations and event hostess, says a great time will be had by all in attendance.

“It is an anticipated event and filled with fun, good food, music and much more,” said Boyd.

This unique to the Bay area soiree began as a means to give locals a more diverse kind of entertainment.

“The event was started to provide a different type of entertainment for people. It’s a great reason to dress up and put on a fabulous hat,” said the local CEO.

Derby goers will also be contributing to local students as part of the proceeds will assist with book purchases.

“We will donate book scholarships to graduating seniors going off to college this fall. We are working with a high school program to identify those students,” she added.

The 3rd Annual Derby Delight takes place Saturday, May 2 at Rocky Point Golf Course 4151 Dana Shores Dr. Tampa, FL.








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