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Local church to bless single mother with home make-over

Pastor Randy Randoph speaks with congregants.

Abundant Life Enrichment Church, where Randy Randolph serves as Senior Pastor, will reward a single mother in Tampa with a fresh paint job for the exterior of her home just in time for Mother’s Day.

The initiative came to Pastor Randy, who happens to be a licensed contractor, as a way of assisting single mothers who are home-owners keep up their home.

“It’s a way of blessing mothers whom are home-owners and may have difficulty maintaining their homes appearance, while trying to stay afloat with the mortgage as well as other pertinent household bills,” said Pastor Randy.

This is the church’s first time having this outreach program but it’s something they plan on making an annual event.

“This is our first year doing this event however we have made it a part of our yearly events and we will continue to bless mothers throughout Tampa Bay,” he said.

A.L.E.C congregants will paint the home, but licensed contractor Pastor Randy says he will oversee the job.

“I will be overseeing the process of painting the homeowners home as well as the assistance of the congregation to ensure professional results,” he added.

There is nothing more fulfilling than a personal relationship with God and when one has a relationship with God, their life and works should exemplify his works and therefore we are doing the work of God that he wants us to by blessing others as it is always better to bless than receive . — Pastor Randy Randolph

An essay explaining why this person is deserving of the make-over is required.   The essay must be entered by Wednesday, May 6 in order to win.  The winner will be notified Thursday, May 7.

For more information call 813-627-8400.








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