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Youth experience ‘Dancing with a Purpose’

On Saturday April 25, Bay area kids and teens were able to participate in the “Dancing With A Purpose” workshop and worship service.  This unique form of praise was hosted by dance instructor Dacia Carter.

“It’s a vision that I have had about three years now.  And I wanted to do it, just wasn’t the time to be worked out.  So I cast the vision and got around some positive people and they just literally helped me  push the vision to go forth,” said Dacia.

The young dancer says because of the division here in Tampa, she wanted to unify the dance ministries.

“I just wanted to bring the city of Tampa together.  I know we have a lot of division here in Tampa with a lot of different dance ministries.  So I just really wanted to bring the groups of different ministries together where we are able to worship God together,” she said.

Dacia Carter -- "Dancing With A Purpose"

Dacia Carter — “Dancing With A Purpose”

I just really wanted to bring unity in the community. What better way to do it but through dance. — Dacia Carter

“Dancing with a Purpose” is part of the “International Dance Commission” (IDC) which was founded by renowned author, Pastor Sabrina McKenzie.  The naturally talented dance instructor said this is where she gained instruction.  But she has never gone to school for dance.

“I didn’t go to school for dance.  It was a class under “Dancing Preachers” to be a Tampa coordinator.  I take dance classes like ballet classes but I never went to a technical school, ” she added.

The Tampa dance coordinator says through “International Dance Commission”, dance ministries will connect from all over the world.

“Through the “International Dance Commission”, that’s where we connect like the different states and then we go once a year and we go to different places and it’s different dance ministries from all over the world.”

Pastor Sabrina McKenzie author of the book and founder of the ministry “Dancing with a Purpose” is also former host on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN.)  Pastor McKenzie was the 2012 Ecumenical Advisor for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an organization founded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.












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