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Powerful women’s conference sets Tampa on fire

Pastor Mary Rieves -- "I Know Who I Am"

Tampa was on holy ghost fire this past weekend and a huge part was due to the “I Know Who I Am” women’s conference.

The event, which was held at the Westshore Marriott, was hosted by Pastor Mary Rieves of Kingdom of God International Church.  She said that God gave her the vision last year to do the conference.

“God gave me this vision, ‘I Know Who I Am’ of November 2014 and he told me to do it in April 2015 and I am so excited because all the speakers and the guest that have come from far and near, God hand picked those speakers and I am telling you it’s so much love in this building,” said Pastor Rieves.

One of the speakers at the event, Pastor Cheryl Powell of Fort Lauderdale, agrees with Pastor Rieves and says it was redefining.

“It was amazing.  I simply think it was really redefining who God called us to be.  Lady Mary set a precedents to really get the women to identify who God has called them to be,” said Pastor Powell.

Every speaker that spoke at this conference was God ordained because they gave us a word where we could go out and we won’t hesitate to go out and do the word of God. — Lady Mary Rieves

The event was free to attend and not only were the women excited about the annual conference, but Pastor Rieves says she received a big response from the men in attendance.

“Next year my husband and I, we’re going to partner where we will bring in male speakers and female speakers so it’s going to be a mixture.  Because we had a great response from the men that came,” she added.

Pastor Mary Rieves, true testament of God’s glory says you never know what HE has in-store.

“I just didn’t expect the response to be to be what it was.  And I’m telling you, we always expect God to do something great.  But when God does over what your expectation is,  that is just a blessing.”






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